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3 Reasons to Pick Quartz for Your Kitchen Remodel

Let’s talk countertops.  Whether you're selling your home in the future or just giving your kitchen a new look, at some time you're likely going to need to pick a new countertop.

So many choices ... granite or butcher block?  Concrete or quartz?  During your kitchen renovation, choosing a countertop material may just about be your hardest decision.  Which one is the best option? One of today's top choices is quartz.  Here are three reasons that quartz is the logical choice for your new countertops.

  1. Beautiful Look Aesthetics is one of your primary concerns when tackling any home improvement task, including remodeling your kitchen, and quartz countertops are going to give you a beautiful look. Quartz looks quite a bit like natural stone, so if that's a look you like, you're going to love it. With quartz you also have a large number of colors to choose from, with everything from bright reds to subtle earth tones available. If you were looking at counters a decade or so ago, you may be wondering at the claim that quartz is an attractive option. In the past, quartz was overly flecked and looked unnatural with uniform patterns that gave away the fact that the material wasn't naturally occurring. Today, manufacturers have found new techniques that give it a far more natural appearance, so only the trained eye can really tell the difference between natural stone and marble versus quartz.

  2. Easy to Care For While quartz looks like stone, it's not nearly as difficult to care for. In fact, it's considered one of the most durable countertop options. Because quartz countertops are factory engineered, they are non-porous and quite durable. They ever have to be sealed and are resistant to the nicks and dings common on kitchen countertops. Quartz also repels stains naturally, including tricky items like food coloring, and won't be damaged by acidic foods, unlike natural countertop options.

  3. Affordable Countertop Option Finally, quartz is worth considering because it's an affordable option for your kitchen remodel. It looks great without breaking the bank. It's typically right around the same price as natural granite, but will last longer without the need for ongoing maintenance. This combines to make it the budget-friendly solution to your kitchen remodeling needs.

As you can see, quartz offers a number of benefits for your kitchen. It's growing in popularity among those looking into home improvement, so it will also give your home a boost in value should you decide to sell. With all of these benefits, it's no wonder more and more homeowners are choosing quartz countertops as they redo their kitchens.


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