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What Is A Luxury Home?

Defining what a luxury home is when you are selling or buying a house isn't always easy. Here's what you need to know about the luxury home market. 

  • It's Not Just About Price When you're buying a house and see "luxury home" on the listing, your first thought is likely to be that the home is expensive. While luxury homes do tend to have a higher price tag than traditional homes, there's no specific price point that determines whether a home is considered a luxury home. Typically, luxury homes are priced high for their particular market, but with the variety of markets out there, this can mean something with a $500,000 price tag is a luxury home in one market, while in another the price point is $5 million or more.

  • Luxury Homes Embrace a Luxury Lifestyle One of the factors that makes a home a luxury home is the amenities it contains that contribute to a luxury lifestyle. An opulent master bathroom suite with a huge walk-in closet is one of these types of amenities. A swimming pool, a large home theater room, and many custom finishes throughout the home will make it feel more luxurious.

  • Luxury Homes Feature Premier Materials In a luxury home, you won't find run-of-the-mill building materials. You'll find the best possible materials. From rich and exotic hardwoods to state-of-the-art appliances, and extra appliances that aren't found in most homes, these homes have the best of the best. The small details made from superior quality are what make luxury homes stand apart.

  • Luxury Homes Have a Desirable Location Finally, luxury homes are known for having a desirable location. For some markets, this may be a home in the midst of a bustling city. For other markets, this could be a home in a secluded location at the top of a mountain or sitting alongside a body of water. Again, this is a factor that is clearly affected by the market, but there's almost lawyers something uniquely appealing about the location for a luxury home.

As you can see, when buying a house, what defines "luxury" market is going to be different for every buyer. Determining what your goals are, and then shopping for homes that meet those goals, will ensure that you find a home that fits your needs, whether or not it fits the "luxury" category.

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