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Why Your Home May Not Be Selling

Selling your home can feel like an overwhelming task, especially when it's still sitting on the market. Despite interest from buyers, busy open houses, and reassurance from your real estate agent that your patience will be rewarded, your listing has yet to secure an offer. Unfortunately, even the best efforts can yield unfavorable results.

If you're having trouble selling your home, you may want to investigate these common problems that keep properties on the market for ages.

  • Incorrect Pricing Your listing price can make or break your home sale. Although you may believe that one amount may be a reasonable price, the reality is that overpricing your home even by a few thousand dollars can turn buyers away. Investigate recent sales of comparable houses in your immediate area and identify an amount that would make your listing attractive to buyers while still allowing you to maximize your earnings.

  • The Market is Not Favorable Selling your home in a buyer's market can be tricky. With so many other properties priced to sell, it's not uncommon for reasonably priced homes with attractive features to stay listed for months. Competition is steep during a buyer's market, but keep in mind that the time of the year can also delay your sale even when the market is more favorable towards sellers. For example, some homes sell slower during the winter or during the holiday season. Failing to list your home strategically during the right market periods can significantly delay your sale.

  • Low-Quality Listing For many potential home buyers, the decision to visit a property is made by looking at the listing. Although the essential details of your property may be listed truthfully, a poorly written listing with low-quality photography can turn buyers away. A digital or print listing is the first impression you'll present to buyers — if they aren't impressed with the listing, they may never visit your home. Invest in high-quality photography and make sure that the wording of your listing captivates buyers with rich detail that makes them fall in love with the home before they even see it in person.

  • Underwhelming Curb Appeal Never underestimate the value of curb appeal. Even if you've invested in quality photography, a potential buyer may choose not to visit a home if they don't find the yard and exterior attractive. Invest in weekly lawn care and make sure you do your best to clean up trash or debris around the exterior. You want your curb appeal to warmly welcome buyers into the home and not cause them to turn around before they've parked their car.

  • Poor Staging Just as the exterior of your home needs to be inviting, your interior must also be just as alluring to buyers. Depending on the dimensions of your home, sometimes leaving the space empty is more preferable than staging it. Incorrect staging can make a home feel cramped or fail to highlight the key features of each space. Another issue with staging may be found in your personal belongings — buyers want to envision themselves in the home which is difficult to do if you have photographs, keepsakes, or a unique style dominating the space.

  • A Specific Problem Have you noticed that many buyers visiting your home have had the same hesitations? If there's a specific issue with the home, discovered through the feedback your agent receives from viewers, determine how it can be fixed. If it can't be fixed, consider coming down on your price.

Even if you're having trouble selling your home, don't lose hope! It's not too late to make a few quick changes and secure a fantastic offer! Contact us for a free home value.


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